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The dirt of ultraviolet lamp tube surface and oil dirty, can block - hinder the penetration of ultraviolet ray, the wipe that should notice lamp tube in use and cleanness, before new lamp tube is used, can wipe with 75% alcohol cotton ball first. During use, wipe it with 75% alcohol once a week. When discovery lamp tube surface has dirt, smeary, answer to follow - when wipe, those who keep lamp tube is clean and transparent, lest affect the penetration of ultraviolet ray and radiation-radiate intensity. The uv lamp should be recorded in the diary: du elimination date, each time of irradiation, accumulated irradiation time, lamp cleaning du elimination time, detection time,detection results and signature, etc.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in a hospital operating room, and control of environment and species density requirements higher space with a wide range of applications, in the bathroom of some families will install uv germicidal lamp sterilization, the humid place usually is high rates of bacteria breeding areas, so more or less will be applied to the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, but one thing everyone knows ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamp can also have a harm to human body, mainly in the effects of excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation to the human body. In fact, as long as the master of ultraviolet sterilization lamp disinfection time and the correct use of methods can avoid its negative impact. Ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp hair spectral line has 254nm, 254nm ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp through irradiation microbial DNA to kill bacteria, the use of ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp and ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp radiation space scope, the distance of ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp suspension, ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp in the ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp wipe and cleaning and so on.

01 space scope of ultraviolet sterilization lamp radiation:

Many uv germicidal lamp unit using ignore the effective space of the ultraviolet irradiation range, only consider and calculate the irradiation plane area. Each space of the disinfection, in addition to the area factor, have high low, the total space have greatly small, use sterilization lamp should calculate the total cubic space adopts corresponding power uv germicidal lamp, a 30 w uv germicidal lamp effective sterilization space range should be less than 30 cubic meters, it is generally believed that each cubic meter of space ultraviolet germicidal lamp power should be greater than 1-1.5 w, in use should be noticed.

02 hanging distance of ultraviolet sterilization lamp:

Use ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be paid attention to by disinfection and uv germicidal lamp irradiation distance object,namely the ultraviolet germicidal lamp ride height should be less than 2.5 meters, some unit using ultraviolet germicidal lampsuspension height more than 2.5 m, even greater than 3, 4 m. Is inversely proportional to the intensity of ultraviolet irradiation and irradiation distance is almost, hanging is too high, is bound to affect the effect of sterilization.

03 decline of ultraviolet radiation intensity:

Ultraviolet ray disinfectant lamp extends as use time, radiative intensity can decay gradually. Via much determination, general home is better after ultraviolet ray disinfectant lamp USES 5000 hours, ultraviolet ray disinfectant lamp needs to change, foreign entrance ultraviolet ray disinfectant lamp.

04 application should also pay attention to the ultraviolet sterilization lamp cleaning and cleaning:

When the new ultraviolet ray sterilization lamp is used, 95% alcohol gauze can be used to wipe the lamp tube first to remove the pollution of dust and oil stains on the lamp tube.

Finally in the use of ultraviolet sterilization lamp should also pay attention to prevent ultraviolet radiation problems: mainly prevent ultraviolet eyes, face position radiation damage, especially attention to the eye conjunctiva radiation damage. (one eye conjunctiva for ultraviolet radiation damage, can milk eye drops of choose and employ persons, half an hour at a time, three to four times better). To prevent methods: in order to avoid to face the light source is given priority to, in the measurement of the radiation intensity of ultraviolet germicidal lamp review, with special irradiation intensity or sunglasses as a protective mask, protective goggles, but don't protective equipment made of quartz glass as raw materials, because of the quartz glass for ultraviolet transparent purple rate over 80%, and almost can't through to ultraviolet ray, ordinary glass can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation damage.

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1. How to disinfect ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet (UV) is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 100 and 400 nanometers (nm). Bactericidal disinfection wavelength in the 200-300nm spectral region. The low-pressure mercury lamps emit single-frequency rays of 253.7nm. The medium-pressure mercury lamps emit multi-frequency rays of different wavelengths that can be sterilized.

Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, microbial photochemical reaction destroys microbial nucleic acid and makes it inactivated.

The cell's DNA and RNA absorb the high energy emitted by the short-wave union V. Absorption wavelengths are mostly between 240 and 280nm(253.7nm for low-voltage lamps), forming new binders between neighboring nucleosides and creating double structures or dimmers within the nucleic acid.

DNA thymine after photochemical damage, the adjacent pyrimidine dimer. The formation of most thymine dimmers (T=T) in the DNA of bacterial and viral mycetin prevents replication and ultimately cell death.

2. Reasons affecting ultraviolet disinfection

The UV dose transmitted through the disinfection system is the product of the V strength (milliwatts per square centimeter) and the retention (exposure) time.

UV dose = intensity x time

The units of dose are milliwatts per second per square centimeter (mw.s /cm2) or millijoules per square centimeter (mJ/cm2).

UV disinfection is affected by the following factors

Wastewater quality

Microbial inactivation mechanics

Disinfector lamp structure

Lamp life and casing fouling

3. Mechanism of ultraviolet removal of TOC

In high purity water systems, uv devices are usually connected to ion exchangers to reduce the amount of organic matter in the water, called TOC(total organic carbon).

Highenergy ultraviolet lamps emit ultraviolet light with a wavelength below 200nm (185nm), which can stimulate the light decomposition of water and produce hydroxide ions (OH) with extremely high energy. These hydroxide ions attack organic compounds, and when TOC is completely oxidized, it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. Some organic compounds are broken down into easily oxidized acid groups that can be easily removed by a polished mixed-bed ion exchanger

The TOC + UV185nm - CO2 + H2O

Generally, this system can reduce the TOC of tap water or underground water source to below 1.5 PPB, which can completely meet the high pure water standard

4. Ultraviolet rays remove ozone

Ozone is unstable. It absorbs ultraviolet light at 254nm and breaks down into dissolved oxygen.

O3 + UV185nm - Q2 + O